Waterproof flat roof repair system


Permanent Roof Repair

Major advancements in resin and material technology has resulted in permanent roof repair jobs no longer being the exclusive domain of specialist approved contractors.

Rep-kit Widocryl Ten is a trade approved product that can be used by any non specialist contractor / operative. Supplied as a complete all you need roof repair kit that provides a quick, easy and efficient waterproof solution to any roof repair or seal.

Rep-kit Waterproof Roof Repair:

  • Can be applied to almost any clean, dry and dust free surface.
  • Becomes rainproof within 30 minutes of application and is fully cured within 1 hour.
  • Is a self priming product ideal for applications such as simple roof leaks, sealing areas around mechanical pipe work, gutters, upstands and much more!
  • Provides on the spot permanent waterproofing for many trade industries such as roofers, air conditioning and mechanical contractors, builders, glazers etc.

This compact roof repair kit can be easily stacked, stored, transported and on hand for immediate use.  Everything you will need to carry out the waterproofing roof repair is contained within the kit thus removing the need to source any additional tools, materials or to make any return visits as well as trips up and down ladders!

Suitable Leaky Roof Repair Surfaces Include:

Asphalt – Mineral Felt – Single Ply Membrane – Rubber - Fibreglass – Liquid Coatings – Asbestos – Plastic – Lead – Brickwork – Slate – Copper – Timber – Masonry – Sealing Around Pipes – Repairs to Valley Gutters - Repairs To Profile Guttering

Rep-kit is a permanent repair system especially suitable for flat roofs using a liquid based resin.  This is predominately a trade professional roof repair system, not a cheap DIY temporary repair, however due to its ease of use the DIY enthusiast would be more than capable of using the kit.

It is easily applied to stop & seal leaking roofs & roof penetrations with Widopan liquid roofing solutions technology.

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